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All our nurse clinics are by appointment and are held by qualified veterinary nurses, or those who have qualifications in  specialist areas. All appointments are free of charge, but there is sometimes a small fee if there is a product bought or a procedure carried out.

Diet Clinics
As we all know, you are what you eat, and this too is important in respect to our furry friends!  The diets we recommend are balanced and scientifically designed, tailored specifically to the needs of your pet, depending on age, sex, size and breed.  We are able to weigh your pet and to work out accurate feeding guides for their nutritional and exercise needs.

Weight Loss Clinics
We can act as calorie counters for your pet! In the UK it is estimated that almost 50% of dogs and 25% of cats are obese (meaning over 15% more than they should weigh). This can lead to many problems which include joint and arthritis disorders, heart problems, respiratory problems, diabetes and general deterioration in overall health.

Diets designed for pets needing to lose weight are available.

Dental Clinics
We advise routine dental checks every 3 months.  At these clinics we are able to demonstrate dental care for your pet, including tooth brushing, enzymatic toothpastes, supplements, dental foods, dental chews and toys.  We are also able to formulate a dental care plan to prevent dental disease, which reduces the need for expensive dental treatment and an anaesthetic later on in your pet’s life.

Post Operative Clinics
If your pet has had surgery or wound management then afterwards an appointment with the nurse will generally be given to assess and manage your pet’s condition.  Our nursing staff are trained in minor medical procedures and can undertake a variety of non invasive procedures.

Microchips are an excellent and modern way to identify your pet, and for them to be returned safely to you if they decide to take a trip on their own!  Each microchip has an individual number, and this number can be found by scanning the pet (which is routinely done at Vets, Pet Rescue Centres, Police Stations and the Dog Warden). The number is linked to your details on a national microchip database.

Flea & Worm Clinics
This clinic is designed to inform pet owners of parasites that can cause problems to our loved pets and to advise of the best anti parasitic treatment for them.   From spot-ons, to injections; pastes to tablets, the broad spectrum of products available makes it easy to ensure your pet gets the best possible care.

Medication Clinics
We know just how hard some pets are to medicate.  We also know just how important it is that pets take the medication your vet has prescribed.  So, save yourself the hassle of the soggy tablet, the mountains of wasted tuna and the loss of your digits trying to medicate your pets.  Take advantage of our skilled (and patient) nurses to medicate your pets for you, for free! Just call the surgery and book your appointment.

6 Month Puppy and Kitten Checks
At 6-9 months old your pet starts making the transition from puppy to adult. Our nurses are able to perform a physical examination, but if you are concerned that your pet may be ill or has a medical condition, they are not allowed by law to diagnose an illness or prescribe treatment. Our nurses can discuss with you some of the important changes you may need to make such as diet, exercise, parasite control and neutering to ensure your pet lives a very long and happy life.

Nail clipping
Over long  claws mean that owners can be scratched when handling their pets. Not only that but they can grown inwards into the pads if left unchecked and can become very painful and cause lameness and infection. It is extremely important to keep your pet’s nails at a suitable length.  Our nursing staff can help and advise you on this.

Pre Vaccination Clinics
These clinics are made prior to your pet’s 1st vaccination.  They give you the opportunity to discuss all your pets needs from Feeding, Flea & Worming, Neutering, Basic Behaviour & Training and Pet Insurance.

New Pet Clinics
If you are thinking of taking on the responsibility of a pet for you or your family but are unsure what kind will fit in with your lifestyle and you would like some advice on the care, feeding and exercise or just in general about the different breeds, then come along and have a chat with our nursing staff who can help you make the right decision.

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