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Terms and Conditions of Business

Independent Vetcare Ltd ("We") are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

January 2018

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In order to avoid misunderstanding and place our transactions on a proper footing, we have summarised the terms and conditions of service under which treatments and sales are made by Avondale Veterinary Group. We, Independent Vetcare Limited, trading as Avondale Veterinary Group aim to provide the highest standards of veterinary care. These terms and conditions shall apply to all supplies of Veterinary Services and Products by us to you to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions

Registering with Avondale Veterinary Group – By registering with us by phone or in person indicates that you will comply with the terms and condition of business. It also includes consent for the occasions in our equine patients where we have to prescribe commonly used (usually human) medicines that have not been specifically licensed for horses.  We might ask for further informed consent if we consider the use of these medicines might be potentially dangerous to your horse e.g. cancer treatment drugs.

Clients registering for the first time out of hours, must pay for treatment in cash to the attending duty vet.

Payment for veterinary services - Unfortunately, there is no National Health Service for pets and as a result you are responsible for the payment of your pet’s veterinary bills.  Payment for all work will be expected within 30 days.

Avondale Veterinary Group provides caring, conscientious modern treatment for horses but there is no escaping, that in order to be here next year and beyond, we rely on you to pay us for the service we provide.  Drugs and supplies, together with staff salaries, account for the majority or your account.  We need your prompt payment to meet our obligations to our staff and suppliers.

When you register with this practice you agree to settle fees within 30 days of invoicing or if you have previously been referred to our debt collection agency then the account privilege is automatically withdrawn and payment must be made at time of examination. We accept cash and for your convenience, most credit and debit cards.  We make no surcharges for the use of credit cards.

With regard to insured pets, in order to make a claim, you must submit a completed and signed claims form to us (within 14days) to which we will add the veterinary information before posting to the insurance company on your behalf.

Unpaid Fees- Any special, quantity or off peak discount will be lost and a revised invoice issued which will supersede any original.  Any subsequent costs required to secure your payment will be charged in full, together with the interest on the outstanding amount.

Avondale Veterinary Group will apply account charges to overdue outstanding accounts to a maximum of £50 per month, even if part payment has been received. Avondale Veterinary Group reserve the right to either apply account charges and/or refer the matter to a debt collection agency.

Estimates - We will happily provide you with a written estimate of the probable costs of a course of treatment.  Please bear in mind that any estimate given can only be approximate- often an illness will not follow a conventional course.  We will always try to keep you informed of costs as they arise.

Examinations & Check ups - When we take on a case, it becomes our responsibility to attend the patient as dictated by the clinical opinion of the veterinary surgeon in charge of the case. An appropriate examination fee is charged on each occasion to cover the veterinary surgeon’s and nurse’s time and the use of our facility.

The first examination for a particular problem attracts a routine examination fee. Where a more complex problem is present an extended examination fee might be charged.  An examination fee, usually at a reduced level, is charged for each subsequent examination concerning the particular problem, the fee is dependent on the amount of time required to review your horse’s condition, perform any treatments, produce reports or letter and outline treatment options.

Generally, planned, brief post op, re-examinations up to and including stitch removal are included in the operation fee but extra work caused by neglect or failure to follow instructions are chargeable.  All bandage changes are chargeable.

All medicines and materials used are chargeable, in addition to the appropriate consultation fee.

Late and Missed Appointments - When you make an appointment with us, we set aside time exclusively for you and your horse and if you miss your appointment, this time is wasted.  If you are late, we may not be able to give you the full time originally set aside for you in consideration of the schedule of following clients.  The charge  for a missed appointment is at least the visit fee and £10 per 15 minutes late.

Prepayment - We are not able to organise prepayment facilities for planned work. We can also provide treatment vouchers to be given as presents to friends or relatives who are registered with the practice.

Ownership of Records - The treatment of your animal may involve making specific investigations, for example, taking of radiographs or performing ultrasound scans.  Even though we make a charge for carrying out these investigations and interpreting the results, the ownership of the resulting record, for example, a radiograph, remains with us, as well as the clinical record.

 Uncollected animals - If we treat an animal in the surgery and you do not pay for the treatment or if you fail to collect the animal when we tell you that it is ready for collection, we may dispose of it (as your agent) as we think fit.  We will give you seven days written notice of this before we do so.  We may rehome the animal. You will be liable to pay our charges for looking after the animal whilst it is in our care and for the costs of disposing of it.

If your animal dies whilst in our care, we will dispose of it in accordance with your instructions.  If we do not receive your instructions within 24hrs of our telling you that your animal has died, we will be entitled to dispose of it as we think fit and you will be liable to pay our charges for doing so.

Equine Insurance - We strongly recommend that you consider insuring your pet for veterinary fees.  This means that you can choose the very best and most complete course of treatment, including expert referral if necessary, without having to worry about the cost.  We are not agents for any company.  The Financial Services Act forbids us to recommend or advise against taking out a particular policy.  We consider this to be a slight on our reputation and have always given our advice freely without regard to our own benefit but there is nothing we can do about it.  However we have a leaflet available which, without prejudice, gives general information as to how to select a good policy for your pet.  As with all insurance, please survey a variety of companies to select the right cover for your circumstances at a reasonable cost.  We shall complete the veterinary section of the form for you for whichever insurer you choose.  All equine owners should ensure that they have third party cover as you are, in law, responsible for the actions of your horse.  This could, at worst, involve compensating a family for the death of a person, if your horse causes them to crash their car.  Equine insurance usually covers for this risk, as can some household insurance. It is definitely worthwhile checking that you are covered.

Direct Claims to Insurance Companies – We cannot accept direct claims from some insurance companies. If your account privilege has been withdrawn we cannot accept direct claims from the insurance company we shall ask you to make immediate settlement of the account. For a direct claim we will require need a signed claim form. Please obtain at least one at your earliest convenience and keep it with your insurance policy. We charge a small fee for completing insurance claim forms and continuation forms. This is to account for time taken to complete the appropriate paperwork, postage, materials costs and phone calls relating to the claim.

You remain liable for the full amount of the account at all times. Where there is an unacceptable delay (2months) or where the insurance company refuses to pay, we shall ask you to make immediate settlement of the account. Should you be unable to produce a valid signed claim form within 14 days of request, you will settle your account with us in full.

Returned Medicines - Under the terms of the Medicines Act we are no longer able to give any credit for unused and returned medicines.  However, we shall, at our cost accept them and pay for their safe disposal, if we have provided them for you.  Please bear this in mind when requesting a long term supply of medicines. We reserve the right to make a charge for the safe disposal of medicines not provided by us.

Prescriptions and Supply of Medicines - We can only supply veterinary medicines e.g. phenylbutazone, metformin, prascend etc., to animals under our care.   Please note that the law requires regular check-ups at least every 4-6 months but this may vary with individual circumstance.   There is a charge for re-examination.  Prescriptions are available from the practice.  You may obtain prescription only medicine, category V(POM-V), from your veterinary surgeon or ask for a prescription (the charge for each prescription item  is £15, subject to change) and obtain these medicines from another veterinary surgeon or pharmacy.

Repeat Prescriptions - Please give us at least 24 hours by telephone or in person before collecting medication so we can ensure that it is ready for you.   Requests made on a Friday may not be available until Monday afternoon due to our deliveries.

Postage - We shall be entitled to charge a reasonable postage to you to handle our time, material and postage costs, all of which are subject to VAT.

Our Fees - We set our fees on the basis of covering the costs of providing a service of the highest quality. In addition, we are constantly striving for improvements by investing in further education courses for our staff, and the development of the surgery in terms of our building, technology and facilities.

Data Protection We will use the personal information you provide to us to:

provide the Veterinary Services and Products;

process your payments for the Veterinary Services and Products; and

inform you about the products and services that we or selected third parties provide, but you may stop receiving these at any time by contacting us.

We will not divulge your personal information to other agencies  except for debt collection purposes

Miscellaneous – No alteration may be made to these terms and conditions without our express written consent. We may update or amend these terms and conditions at any time by placing a notice to that effect in our premises

We are a company registered in England and Wales. Our company registration number is 07746795 and our registered office is at Station House East, Ashley Avenue, Bath, BA1 3DS. Our registered VAT number is 115 1416 58. If you have any questions please contact us. You can contact us by writing to us at Independent Vetcare Limited, Station House East, Ashley Avenue, Bath, BA1 3DS, or telephone 01225 481520, or by emailing us at

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